AIPM Project Tracker

ProjectTracker Features


  • Minimum, maximum and expected case statistical effort estimations.
  • Statistical effort calculations with estimation-, effort- confidence intervals over a task,  task groups or whole projects.
  • Schedule estimations based on resource net capacity calculations or linear regression on already spend efforts.
  • Estimate Story Points per User Story.
  • Unlimited number of hierarchical task templates for best practice documentation and efficient tasking-out activities (e.g. for Agile Scrum development cycles).


  • Real time status information when entering the current project task status / time accountings, for all team members.
  • Generate all reports also in MoinWiki, DokuWiki, Spreadsheet (CSV) or RSS format, to allow easy information sharing for team members and stakeholders. DokuWiki pages can be directly updated by the ProjectTracker.
  • Graphical reports capability via Google Chart API or PHPlot.
  • Transparent team member holiday / absence calendar management.
  • Country related puplic holiday calendar.
  • Hierarchical team model protecting individual teams, team members from information overflow, but also allows to use the ProjectTracker in countries / companies with strong employment laws / data privacy aspects.


  • Portfolio task and resource planning with monthly granularity and hours, days, net capacity, headcount or cost unit views.
  • Quick, vice versa view on “resource to task” and “task to resource” allocation.
  • Resource net capacity calculations and auto plan functions taking care on holiday planning or location absence profiles.
  • Project task planning with daily granularity.
  • Recording of task efforts can be time-boxed.
  • Quick task owner assignment.
  • Unlimited user stories / task group leveling and summaries possible.
  • Detailed task planning with daily or hourly granularity and unlimited detail level.
  • Detailed task planning could be done in free text with minimum, expected and maximum effort methodology.
  • Activity planning based on percentage ratio spend on a certain task.
  • Import tasks and resource allocations from MS Project and OpenProj XML file format.
  • Import tasks and resource allocations from CSV file formats (e.g. Spreadsheets).


  • Measure own or team members net capacities to improve capacity based effort estimations.
  • Current resources / task allocation versa real allocation to improve allocation and profile based effort estimations.
  • Show project metrics: variance from minimum, maximum, planned, expected, etc. efforts to improve effort estimation techniques.
  • Show statistical project metrics: estimation accuracy, task effort deviation from confidence intervals to improve confidence interval settings.
  • Burn-up charts and status overviews allow to check and adjust the project scope.

Burnup chart


  • Fully configurable Project Dashboard – all important project information in real time and in one place.
  • Daily or weekly time accounting.
  • Two-Click task effort measurement tool.
  • Approve Story Points “Done”.
  • Two configurable task status models available.
  • Task / project status overview for individual team members.
  • Tasks can have automatic activities assigned.
  • Filter and summary functions on program, task, team, prioritization and work breakdown group structures.
  • Inbuilt, fully configurable, script based reporting engine to generate tabular and / or graphical reports.
  • Export all data grids via CSV, e.g. to Spreadsheet tools.
  • Holiday / absence request and approval tool.
  • Location holiday planning tool.



  • Allow just the right level of Software project planning and control on monthly and weekly level, so that the project leaders and team do not get overwhelmed with administration overheads and information overflow – not zillions of tasks with minute accuracy to maintain.
  • Empower the team to do the detailed task planning, while the project leaders take care on the bigger picture and can focus on the “hot spots”. No endless planning iterations, without team participation, already outdated just after finishing the planning cycle.
  • Support Agile Scrum development cycles with unlimited Epic, User Story and Task leveling.

Other Features

  • XML file based backup and import functionality.
  • Company logo can be easily added.